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2012-2013 Guild and Programs Award

What are Guilds? 

Guilds are small groups of Brothers united in a common interest.  There are a wide variety of activities and areas of focus such as: Stagehands, Hospitality, Fantasy Sports, Live Music, Photography, Military, Volunteers to reach out to our Brothers, and many others.  Perhaps joining a Guild might be a way for you to get involved in Valley activities.

Want more information on our Guilds?  You can visit the individual Guild web pages or you can click on the Guild Inquiry link below to contact the Valley to learn more. Don’t see something of interest? Perhaps you have a suggestion for a new Guild? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

Guild Inquiry – Valley of Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Guilds
(Listed by order of charter)

The Green Dragon Guild –  Click to visit The Green Dragon page
Purpose: Hospitality
Formed: February 19, 2010

The Gaming Guild – Click to visit The Gaming Guild page
Purpose: Fantasy Sports & Table-top Games (Non-Gambling)
Formed: October 12, 2010 

The Defenders of the Realm – Click to visit The Defenders of the Realm page
Purpose:  Education and military services within the Masonic Fraternity
Formed: February 8, 2011

Guild of the All Seeing Eye – Click to visit The Guild of the All Seeing Eye page
Purpose: Photography
Formed:  July 10, 2012

Brother To Brother – Click to visit the Brother To Brother Guild page
Purpose: Member Outreach
Formed:  4/9/13

Stage Guild Click to visit The Stage Guild page

Knights of St. Andrew – Click to visit the Knights of St. Andrew page