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Formed: February 19, 2010
Type: Service Guild
Purpose: Hospitality
President: Ill. Randall J. Hammond, 33°
Vice President: Ill. Kip Worrel, 33°
Secretary: Ill. J. Brian McNaughton, 33°

Summary:  The Green Dragon Guild formed in 2010 in the Valley of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This name was adopted in homage to the tavern in Boston’s North End which was purchased by St. Andrew’s Lodge in 1764.  Often used as a place refuge and refreshment, The Green Dragon also became known by historians as the “Headquarters of the Revolution.”

The mission of this Guild is “to provide an enjoyable setting at meetings/events and to ensure that you are a stranger here but once.”

The motto of this Guild is “Plant a tree under whose shade you never expect to sit.”

The Core Philosophy of this Guild is “Do something for someone without the expectation of reward or benefit.”

The Brothers of this Guild have enjoyed providing refreshments and snacks at Convocations, Afterglows, and at Council of Deliberation as a way of saying thanks to the Brothers of the Valley who go out of their way to assist and support the Fort Wayne Scottish Rite.

Do you enjoy service to others? Think you’ve got what it takes to be a “Dragon”?

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