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SC Headquarters

Applicable to the Illustrious Brethren accredited to the District of Indiana, the Supreme Council met during the years shown in the Tableau of Members as follows:
1873Chicago, Illinois
1887Providence, Rhode Island
1888Boston, Massuchusettes
1889New York, New York
1892Providence, Rhode Island
1893Chicago, Illinois
1894Boston, Massuchusettes
1898Cincinnati, Ohio
1899Philadelphia, Pennsylvia
1900Boston, Massuchusettes
1901Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1902Providence, Rhode Island
1903Boston, Massuchusettes
1904Boston, Massuchusettes
1905Indianapolis, Indiana
1906Boston, Massuchusettes
1907Boston, Massuchusettes
1908Buffalo, New York
1909Boston, Massuchusettes
1910Detroit, Michigan
1911Sarasota Springs, Florida
1912Boston, Massuchusettes
1913Philadelphia, Pennsylvia
1914Chicago, Illinois
1915Boston, Massuchusettes
1916Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania
1917New York, New York
1918Boston, Massuchusettes
1919Philadelphia, Pennsylvia
1920Chicago, Illinois
1921Boston, Massuchusettes
1922Cleveland, Ohio
1923New York, New York
1924Boston, Massuchusettes
1925Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania
1926Buffalo, New York
1927Boston, Massuchusettes
1928Atlantic City, New Jersey
1929Dayton, Ohio
1930Boston, Massuchusettes
1931Detroit, Michigan
1932Indianapolis, Indiana
1933Boston, Massuchusettes
1934Grand Rapids, Michigan
1935Cleveland, Ohio
1936Atlantic City, New Jersey
1937Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1938Columbus, Ohio
1939Boston, Massuchusettes
1940Cincinnati, Ohio
1941Chicago, Illinois
1942Boston, Massuchusettes
1943Buffalo, New York
1944Cleveland, Ohio
1945Boston, Massuchusettes
1946Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania
1947Cincinnati, Ohio
1948Boston, Massuchusettes
1949Chicago, Illinois
1950Philadelphia, Pennsylvia
1951Boston, Massuchusettes
1952New York, New York
1953Chicago, Illinois
1954Boston, Massuchusettes
1955Detroit, Michigan
1956Cincinnati, Ohio
1957Boston, Massuchusettes
1958Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania
1959Buffalo, New York
1960Boston, Massuchusettes
1961Chicago, Illinois
1962Philadelphia, Pennsylvia
1963Boston, Massuchusettes
1964Detroit, Michigan
1965Cleveland, Ohio
1966Boston, Massuchusettes
1967Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania
1968Atlantic City, New Jersey
1969Boston, Massuchusettes
1970Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1971Philadelphia, Pennsylvia
1972Boston, Massuchusettes
1973Detroit, Michigan
1974Atlantic City, New Jersey
1975Boston, Massuchusettes
1976Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1977Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania
1978Cincinnati, Ohio
1979Chicago, Illinois
1980Cleveland, Ohio
1981Philadelphia, Pennsylvia
1982St. Louis, Missouri
1983Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1984Boston, Massuchusettes
1985Detroit, Michigan
1986Cincinnati, Ohio
1987Boston, Massuchusettes
1988Grand Rapids, Michigan
1989Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania
1990Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1991Indianapolis, Indiana
1992Chicago, Illinois
1993Boston, Massuchusettes
1994Cleveland, Ohio
1995Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1996Boston, Massuchusettes
1997Grand Rapids, Michigan
1998Cincinnati, Ohio
1999Atlantic City, New Jersey
2000Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania
2001Indianapolis, Indiana
2002Boston, Massuchusettes
2003St. Louis, Missouri
2004Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2005Grand Rapids, Michigan
2006Chicago, Illinois
2007Washington, DC
2008Providence, Rhode Island
2009Boston, Massuchusettes
2010Philadelphia, Pennsylvia
2011Chicago, Illinois
2012Cleveland, Ohio
2013Washington, DC
2014Lexington, Massachusetts (No 33° Conferral)
2015Indianapolis, Indiana
2016Lexington, Massachusetts (No 33° Conferral)
2017Rochester, New York
2018Lexington, Massachusetts (No 33° Conferral)
2019Milwaukee, WI

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