Valley Update – Week of September 26, 2016

Weekly update for the Valley of Fort Wayne Scottish Rite for the week of September 26, 2016:

  • Ill. Arnold D. Palmer, 33° (Valley of Pittsburgh) and golf legend passed away Sunday evening. You can read more about his professional and Masonic career here
  • Online Event Registration: 33rd Fall Banquet (33rd Members Only), Bean Dinner, Convocation, Football Game. All these are events currently listed on the valley website. 
  • Reminder: November Stated Meeting will be at Mizpah Shrine at 7pm.
  • Reminder: Please have your member card at upcoming meetings/degrees as we will be transitioning to a barcode scanner check-in system. This will help streamline the process and help us keep track of degree information and attendance at these events.
  • Reminder: Brother To Brother Calling is Monday, September 26th at the Valley offices at 6pm.
  • Valley calenadar url: please refer to this or subscribe to it on your smartphones to make sure you know what’s coming up.  The gmail address for this calendar is

Have a great week!


Valley of Fort Wayne Scottish Rite